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K-12 Water Cooler and Equity Conference Wrap-Up Highlights from our Educational Equity Watercooler on February 22nd and 23rd.

Thank you for making the first K-12 Water Cooler and Equity Conference a success!

The California education system rarely hits the re-set button. But this is what we have done. We have:

  • Created a new voluntary grade: transitional kindergarten for our 4-year olds.
  • Developed new state standards for the classroom.
  • Created a new structure for funding our schools.
  • A new continuous and improvement system that challenges our previous notions of accountability.

Systemic change is hard.

Thank you so much for joining us for the first statewide K-12 Water Cooler and Equity conference. You were part of a special gathering of education leaders dedicated to assuring a high quality education for the 6.2 million children relying on

We offer a special thank you to our sponsors and members of the Steering Committee, whose commitment was instrumental for the launch of the K-12 Water Cooler and Equity conference.

Scroll down to view presenters’ slides and photos from the event.

K-12 Water Cooler & Equity Conference Agenda 

The goal for the K-12 Water Cooler and Equity Conference was to create a safe space for big ideas. By uniting and working together, we want to ensure that all children in California will have access to a high quality and equitable education.


Lunch Keynote — Educational Equity

Presented by Christopher Edley, Jr., Opportunity Institute, Co-Founder and President.


Education — The California Way

Presented by Glen Price, California Department of Education, Chief Deputy.

Keynote: Excellence in Education — International Perspective

Presented by Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish Educator, Author and Scholar.