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Advancement Project California 2016 Official Ballot Endorsements


Advancement Project California champions the struggle for greater equity and opportunity for all, fostering upward mobility in communities most impacted by economic and racial injustice. Since 2000, California has been a majority-minority state where no racial group holds a numerical majority. Yet California’s democracy does not accurately reflect that demographic reality.

Vote with Us on November 8th!

Policymakers in Sacramento, in city halls and county governments, and in school districts must begin to listen to, be accountable to, and be shaped by the racial, socioeconomical and generational diversity of California and, ultimately, the electorate.

As the November elections approach, we have chosen to endorse propositions that prioritize equity. We believe these initiatives help take California in the right direction, where all communities have an opportunity to thrive.

We stand in support of public health with Proposition 56

  • An increase in California’s cigarette tax by $2 per pack will generate funds to improve existing healthcare programs like Medi-Cal, whose programs serve low-income individuals, including: families, seniors, persons with disabilities, children in foster care, pregnant women and childless adults with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level.
  • Approximately 12.5 million people were enrolled in Medi-Cal as of May 2015, or about 32.4% of California’s population! Because of cigarettes, California taxpayers spend $3.5 billion dollars each year to treat cancer and other tobacco-related diseases through Medi-Cal.
  • We believe voting #YesOn56 is a vote to uplift our most vulnerable communities.


We believe in the positive power of language with Proposition 58

  • We agree with the broad support across California for multilingual education for native and non-native English-speaking students. Proposition 58 provides more opportunities for all students to access innovative language programs and allows families and schools to decide which programs to bring to their communities.
  • All children are born with the ability to learn any language in the world, and research tells us that our brains are most receptive to learning language in our early years. In fact, studies show that because bilingual children and adults switch between two languages, their brains are highly active and flexible, which strengthens their thinking skills and helps them focus, learn new things more easily and develop other skills that are important for college and career success.
  • We believe all of California’s children deserve a shot at success. Vote #YesOn58!


We believe Proposition 59’s campaign finance reform is long overdue

  • Prop 59 is an advisory measure that, if passed, would encourage elected officials in California to use all of their authority, including proposing and ratifying a constitutional amendment to make the playing field of campaign contributions and spending more equitable.
  • Legislation, such as the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, has made political contributions and spending protected under free speech, and it will take legislation to change it.
  • Through campaign contributions and spending, organizations with large budgets can wield inequitable influence over voters, as well as over the elected officials who make decisions that affect our everyday lives.


We want to protect school funding with Proposition 55

  • As we think about closing the opportunity gap, investment in health and education are top of mind. Proposition 55 is important to us because it prevents $4 billion in funding cuts to public education and protects other vital services, like children’s healthcare and Medi-Cal.
  • California has the lowest reimbursement rates for Medi-Cal/Medicaid in the nation. And as we know, low-income people of color suffer disproportionately from chronic health conditions.
  • We believe Prop 55 can help close that gap. Vote #YesOn55.


We advocate for neighborhood parks with Measure A

  • Did you know that more than half of County residents live beyond a half-mile of a park? Measure A will help provide safe, clean neighborhood parks, beaches and open spaces in every area of Los Angeles County — because they are an essential part of what makes our communities special.
  • 52.6% of L.A. County’s population is defined as being in high or very high park need, and 28.6% of park infrastructure rates as poor. How can we expect communities to live healthier, longer lives if their parks are unusable?
  • We support the broad coalition of more than 100 local community organizations, children’s advocates, educators, advocates for seniors, and business and environmental leaders that have come together to pass this essential measure. Vote #YesOnMeasureA.


Advancement Project knows that getting these initiatives adopted is just the first step toward creating a better California for everyone. But the real work comes after the election, when we must implement these measures and ensure that the communities who will benefit from additional funding and resources get their due. We are hopeful that by working together with our partners, we can reach our goals and make California the example of how prioritizing equity allows us all to thrive.

Please vote on November 8th!

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