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Tom Price Confirmation Jeopardizes Millions of the Most Vulnerable Californians

February 10, 2017                                                               

Katie Smith, Communications Director, 213-406-9158

Advancement Project California’s Response to the Confirmation of Tom Price

Critical public programs and the health of millions of the most vulnerable Californians are in jeopardy.

Los Angeles — The appointment of Tom Price as our new United States Secretary of Health and Human Services creates painful uncertainty for over 5 million Californians due to his public commitment to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Tom Price has promised to eliminate two central consumer protections, such as:

  • Ensuring insurance companies cover all customers, regardless of preexisting conditions;
  • Ensuring same price plans to all patients, regardless of gender or age.

These provisions allow millions of individuals to gain coverage and receive affordable health care. Without such protections, insurance companies would be free to discriminate and price gouge our most vulnerable residents.

Even more concerning are his plans to overhaul Medicaid and privatize Medicare.

Tom Price has promised to introduce proposals which will dramatically reduce consumer access, coverage, and financial stability for older adults; those with chronic conditions and low-incomes.

“In collaboration with community members, advocates and elected officials, we will continue our fight for #Health4All and push for policies and public investments that ensure that access to health care is a basic human right, regardless of race, immigration status, or income,” states Megan McClaire, Director of Health Equity with Advancement Project California.

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