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California’s Budget Must Reflect Our Values, and Our Promises

January 13, 2016

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California’s Budget Must Reflect Our Values, and Our Promises.
We ask the Governor to allot needed funding for Early Care and Education and Proposition 47.

LOS ANGELES — Governor Brown once again set a cautious tone for his budget, and we understand his approach. However, in this political landscape, it is more important than ever to propose a budget that reflects the values of all Californians.

“In this political moment, it is imperative that we as a state stand up for our values and stand with our highest need communities. This means investing our dollars so that all Californians can feel the promise of the Golden State,” states John Kim, Executive Director of Advancement Project California.

Early Care and Education:
Last year the governor and the legislature made a multi-year deal to increase childcare provider rates and add 3,000 full-day preschool slots. In his proposal, the governor is going back on that deal and suspending the rate increase, plus cutting those slots in this budget year. This takes $226 million away from the ECE system, which many families were relying on.

“Families are worried about making ends meet, putting food on the table and affordable housing. So when we talk about 3,000 kids not being able to access early care and education, we’re really talking about too many kids losing hope for a better future,” states Karla Pleitez Howell, Director of Educational Equity for Advancement Project California.

Proposition 47:
Proposition 47’s reforms emptied over 5,000 prison beds last year, and according to the governor’s budget proposal, over 4,400 are expected to remain empty this year. However, the governor’s proposal appears to follow the same fundamentally flawed approach to calculating savings as it did last year, by tying the savings to the cost of in-state prison beds rather than of contract beds, despite the current in-state inmate population nearing a court-ordered cap.

“The state legislature must step in to urge Governor Brown to properly implement Proposition 47 and allocate an additional $100 million for local prevention efforts. Local communities are due these funds, because the voters decided that the full amount of justice-system savings from Proposition 47 should go upstream, into prevention,” states Michael Russo, Associate Director of Equity in Public Funds for Advancement Project California.

Our policy experts are available for comment.

Khydeeja Alam Javid, Director of Governmental Relations

Karla Pleitez Howell, Director of Educational Equity

Michael Russo, Associate Director of Equity in Public Funds

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