Advancement Project California The Best Resistance is Our Collective Success


Hate Speech and Hate Crime Update & Resources

Following the 2016 presidential election and Donald Trump’s win, Advancement Project California has determined four priorities as a way to frame our response and our work moving forward, the first of which is to “protect our people.” The need for such protection has been increasing over the course of the campaign and has ramped up

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Big Budget & Legislative Wins for California Equity Advocates

2016 has been a successful legislative and budget year for Advancement Project California. We took positions on 26 bills on a broad range of issues, including but not limited to: funding for early care and education, funding for K-12 and higher education; and the expansion of healthcare and healthy communities. All of these successes are the result

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An Eye on LA’s Southeast Cities as we Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By Ernesto Saldana En Espanol Genoveva Castrellon (I call her Geno) was part of our first cohort for the My First Teacher (MFT) program, which coaches Latino parents in Los Angeles’ Southeast cities to become “first teachers” and educational advocates for their children. The work has been rewarding beyond measure, in large part because of

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Advancement Project California 2016 Official Ballot Endorsements

Advancement Project California champions the struggle for greater equity and opportunity for all, fostering upward mobility in communities most impacted by economic and racial injustice. Since 2000, California has been a majority-minority state where no racial group holds a numerical majority. Yet California’s democracy does not accurately reflect that demographic reality. Vote with Us on

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Breathing While Black is Punishable by Death

By Pia Schiavo-Campo Today, being Black in America means you are at risk of being killed by police while selling loose cigarettes or CDs, or going to a party, or wearing a hoodie, or breathing (or not being able to breathe), or running away, or being fully cooperative. Last week, activist and Advancement Project Boardmember Jesse

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