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Thousands of new preschool seats open at LAUSD schools

by Deepa Fernandes on KPCC, August 23 2016 When the Los Angeles Unified School District opened its doors for the new school year last week, the number of 4-year-olds who began class in the district’s newest grade was more than double the number who enrolled last year. The district increased the number of expanded transitional

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Civic engagement among youth, communities of color at an all-time low

By Cynthia Moreno In Vida en el valle on August 17, 2016 Civic engagement among the youth and communities of color in California continues to be worrisome. Further, disparities in political participation among Latinos and Asian Americans face the greatest inequalities in voting today. The reason experts are worried is because this is an election

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Op-Ed – CA Election Data: People of Color at Disadvantage

August 10, 2016 by John Dobard and Karthick Ramakrishnan Capitol Weekly All the votes from the June primary elections are finally counted. We now have the second highest number of votes—more than 8.5 million—ever cast in a California statewide primary. These results are not a coincidence. In response to decreased turnout in recent elections, state

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Racial gaps mean not all of us are being heard

July 15, 2016 By Foon Rhee Sacramento Bee Fully participating in our democracy is more than just voting once or twice a year. It’s also attending public meetings, contacting elected officials and supporting campaigns. By those standards, there are big, unhealthy gaps between white Californians and the majority of Californians who are nonwhite, according to

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Focus on Southeast L.A. parent leaders

Our My First Teacher (Mi Primer Maestro) program, in a short year and a half, has helped to build the capacity of dozens of parents of young children in the southeast cities of Los Angeles. We are supporting these leaders to understand the strengths within their families and communities, increase their awareness of the importance

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It’s Mostly White People Taking Part in California Politics

July 7, 2016 Nathan Collins Pacific Standard The United States is, by and large, not a very politically participatory country. Not only do Americans vote in relatively small numbers, they also don’t contact their representatives, take part in campaigns, or even talk about politics all that much. It’s also a politically unequal country, with white

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Report says Fresno Latinos among least likely to vote statewide

July 3, 2016 By Andrea Castillo Fresno Bee Despite making up the majority of the state, people of color are far less likely to have a say in California politics, and Latino voting gaps are most pronounced in places like Fresno. That’s according to a new report, “Unequal Voices: California’s Racial Disparities in Political Participation,”

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Political Divide

June 29, 2016 Alexei Koseff Sacramento Bee Step onto the red or green carpet and you might notice that women and minorities are vastly under-represented in the Legislature compared to the California population as a whole. It’s a problem that carries down through the entire political system, from voter turnout to supporting campaigns to contacting

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Racial Disparities Pervade California Politics

June 30, 2016 By Christopher Martinez KPFA Communities of color are being left out of the political process, according to a new report on racial disparities in California politics. The study looks beyond voter registration and voting, digging deeper into other forms of political participation such as contacting public officials, attending political meetings, and supporting

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