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Promising the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures – A National Report

By Vickie Ramos Harris, Associate Director of Education Policy, Education Equity The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released their Dual Language Learners (DLL) and English Learner (EL) consensus report yesterday, Promising the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures. This national report examines the research on students learning English from early

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Setting Students Up For Success: Expanded Transitional Kindergarten

Early care and education programs prepare our children for success in the K-12 system, support working families, and help close the achievement gap as it first begins to form. Yet far too many young children lack access to the early learning opportunities that have proven to make a difference. Providing this foundation is especially crucial

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The Winning Resilience of Hope

John Kim at the Participation and Power Summit in Los Angeles, CA. Feb 2nd, 2017. Hosted by Advancement Project California.

There is a very real battle out there. It has most recently manifested in the Executive Orders we’ve seen flowing from the White House like thunderbolts from a hateful sky. These orders are the very definition of corrupted power – sowing very real pain, very real fear, and ruining lives in the most vulnerable American

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Unequal Voices, Part II

California’s democracy is neither adequately participatory nor representative. Although California has been a majority-minority state since 2000, its democracy does not reflect that demographic reality. Unequal Voices, Part I, released in June 2016, highlights trends in political participation based on government data between 2004 and 2014. That analysis found significant disparities between whites and people

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Sister Marches in California

Advancement Project California supports the Women’s March on Washington. Sister Marches are solidarity events inspired by the Women’s March on Washington, and organized by volunteers around the world. If you can’t make it to Washington, D.C. on January 21, join or host a Sister March near you. Women’s March Mission and Vision: We stand together

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Over 120 Organizations Urge All California K-12 Schools and Colleges to Be Designated as Sanctuary Schools and Campuses

For Immediate Release December 6, 2016 Contact: Katie Smith (213) 406-9158 OVER 120 ORGANIZATIONS URGE ALL CALIFORNIA K-12 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES TO BE DESIGNATED AS SANCTUARY SCHOOLS AND CAMPUSES College for All Coalition Calls for Safe, Inclusive, and Equitable Learning Environments for All Students In Response to Fears of Deportation and Hate Attacks Since

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Californians Like You Choose #LoveOverFear

We will stand with you to defend our shared values. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a whole new America. On Wednesday morning, American Muslims may have questioned whether it was safe to wear their hijabs. On Wednesday morning, immigrant mothers started making arrangements for who might care for their children if they were

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Advancement Project California 2016 Official Ballot Endorsements

Advancement Project California champions the struggle for greater equity and opportunity for all, fostering upward mobility in communities most impacted by economic and racial injustice. Since 2000, California has been a majority-minority state where no racial group holds a numerical majority. Yet California’s democracy does not accurately reflect that demographic reality. Vote with Us on

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A Closer Look

At Access to Care – the Health Equity program presents curated, interactive Need Indexes, data, and maps that show how access to insurance coverage and primary care clinics impacts the ability of low-income communities of color in California to obtain health care.

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