Advancement Project Closing the Opportunity Gap


The Past, Present, and Future of Los Angeles

In October I was asked to speak at an event hosted by Future of Cities, to a crowd of civic movers and shakers in Los Angeles. This is what I shared with them. In 1990, 25 years ago, I was 15. As a son of immigrants, I still remember that undeniable feeling of my nose pressed

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The Summer of Sadness

In some ways, it’s been a fantastic Summer for social justice – the Affordable Care Act upheld by the Supreme Court; marriage equality now in place throughout the country; and the successful fight for the $15 minimum wage in Los Angeles, and extending to the UC system.Yet it has also been a Summer of sorrow

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Statement about Charleston Shooting

Today we stand witness to the paradoxical state of Black America: progress embodied by our nation’s first African-American President, yet he must speak at a memorial service in Charleston, SC, after nine Black people are gunned down by a young White supremacist. It is a disturbing incident on its own but even more so when

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When Restoration Isn’t Enough

Advancement Project is a civil rights organization, and equity is a key focus for our work. But what do we mean by equity? Values we adopted in 2013 define equity as the “fair sharing of opportunities, resources, and information with those most impacted by systemic injustice.” In the lean years of the Great Recession we

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