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Connie Rice: A Public Safety Pioneer

Co-Founder Connie Rice is a pioneer in the effort to reduce gang violence and transform inequitable systems. Her groundbreaking methods and expertise are uniquely effective, and have been adopted in communities throughout California, in several U.S. states, and internationally.

In her work with the Urban Peace Institute she has enacted new strategies to help cities approach gang epidemics. For example, her work in Los Angeles has contributed to a 15% decrease in gang violence; the creation of the city’s Gang Reduction & Youth Development office (GRYD); the establishment of a gang violence interventionist training academy, which has trained thousands of interventionists and police officers to work together towards keeping peace in the streets; and creation of the Community Safety Partnership, which has reduced violent crime in targeted public housing developments by 70%.

The significant progress towards curbing gang violence in Los Angeles was evaluated in A Call To Action: Los Angeles’ Quest to Achieve Community Safety.

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Video of Connie Rice

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Rice on PBS’ Tavis Smiley


Watch now: Tavis Smiley | Attorney-activist Connie Rice | PBS Video

The veteran civil rights attorney, out with her memoir, Power Concedes Nothing, discusses why the poor have to make demands and hijack power. Watch online: Attorney-activist Connie Rice from Tavis Smiley. On demand, streaming video from PBS

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In her extraordinary memoir, Rice chronicles her odyssey, the people who inspired her, and the teams she forged with allies and former foes. She counts among her partners LAPD police chiefs William Bratton and Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, and gang interventionists such as Darren “Bo” Taylor.

In her trek through gangland, Rice discovers that if you bury the underclass, you imperil yourself. Provocative and passionate, studded with dramatic episodes from the trenches of impact litigation and America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Power Concedes Nothing is the story of an indomitable woman who knows that, without a demand, power concedes nothing.

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