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Executive Order on Immigration Is Divisive — Not About National Security or Public Safety

January 25, 2017           

Katie Smith, Communications Director , 213-406-9158

Executive Order on Immigration
Is Divisive — Not About National Security or Public Safety

We stand with immigrant communities in sanctuary cities and throughout California.

LOS ANGELES — In response to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration we reaffirm our immediate commitment to protect vulnerable communities from harm in sanctuaries cities and throughout California.

John Kim, Executive Director of Advancement Project California, made the following statement:

“Today’s actions by the Trump administration are not about national security or public safety. Instead, these actions were wholly designed to pander to the lowest denominators in our political discourse and policy thinking.

We know that building a wall is more about showmanship than effective border security. We know that public safety in our communities will suffer as local law enforcement is required to pull double duty as immigration officers. We know that expanding privately owned detention centers are an offense to our most basic American values. We know that attacking our most vulnerable communities is a poor substitute for actual leadership.

This President has opted to wield his authority to stoke fear and legitimize the worst of American impulses. And these actions today will ruin lives, rip apart families, and make us all less safe.

So today, we at the Advancement Project stand with our immigrant and undocumented families. We stand with those who have given so much to our communities, our economy, and our understanding of what it means to be American.”

Michael Russo, Associate Director of Equity in Public Funds at Advancement Project California, comments on sanctuary jurisdictions.

“Federal dollars are an important part of local budgets.  This funding pays for housing and homelessness programs, including those for veterans and people with HIV/AIDS; public assistance and support for mothers and infants, foster youth, the mentally ill, and the disabled; subsidies to help parents adopt and care for special-needs children; and much more.

Cutting this funding as part of a war on so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions” would be shocking, spiteful, and wrong — the Trump administration would be putting the most vulnerable of our fellow Californians on the firing line.

We urge the White House to consider the real-world consequences before taking such a reckless step, and we urge California’s leaders in Sacramento and in Congress to stand up for our communities.”

John Kim and Michael Russo are available for further comment.


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