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Key Issue Update: Health Care

By: Daniel Wherley, Senior Policy & Research Analyst, Health Equity

Yesterday’s defeat of the “skinny repeal” bill sent a clear message – none of the health care proposals we’ve seen over the past six months got to the heart of Americans’ concerns. For over seven years, opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) argued that they could improve our health care system by replacing the ACA with an alternative that would simultaneously reduce costs and improve access.  In the last six months, we’ve finally been able to see what they had in store. All of these proposals fall woefully short of the promises and instead purposefully target the very programs and supports that have helped improve health access for low-income people of color.

Crafted behind closed doors – without any input from consumers, providers, insurers, or Democrats – six Republican-backed health proposals have been unveiled since March.  Regardless of any minor differences between the various proposals, they share clear goals.  All of them are designed in a way that would steadily increase racial disparities in terms of access, quality, and outcomes – particularly in a state like California.

As long as health disparities persist, Advancement Project California will advocate for solutions that improve community wellbeing by reducing racial inequities in terms of health access and outcomes.  Not one of the proposals on the table met that standard.  Experts of all political stripes agree that none of these proposals would improve access, reduce health inequities – nor even reduce most consumers’ costs.  We deserve better.  With equity as our guide, we can do better. Resistance works and the fight is not over. Now we have a chance to build a bipartisan solution that increases access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. #ResistANDBuild.

For additional perspectives, read on:

  • A just-released study in Health Affairs demonstrates the remarkable reduction in health access disparities for low income Americans since the ACA has been implemented.
  • Health in rural areas – where providers and insurers have historically been scarce – was a realm in which the Republican proposals were meant to improve upon the ACA’s performance.  Thus far, they have failed: Click here.


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