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Advancing Equity News December 2016

It may be difficult to see or feel right now, but California is on the right track. The overwhelming support of progressive measures on this year’s ballot is just one of many indicators of hope. For example, with our Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) work, we are shifting investments to make sure that ALL Californians

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Advancing Equity News May 2016

We felt proud to see 15 parent leaders in southeast Los Angeles graduate from the 5th cohort of the Advancement Project’s My First Teacher program in an uplifting celebration at Escutia Primary Center in Bell, CA earlier this month. Parent leaders were joined by friends and family as they received certificates from the offices of Supervisor

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Advancing Equity News January 2016

Newest Addition — the Political Voice Program! Political Voice nurtures a healthy democracy by amplifying the voices of low-income communities of color in all political processes and ensuring that government responds to those voices.

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