Advancement Project California The Best Resistance is Our Collective Success

Category: Community-based participatory action research

Good Data = Good Decision Making: For Community-Driven Change

Community leaders and advocates who work in community-based organizations face a steep challenge. The job of these advocates is to get the attention of decision makers and help them understand the unique challenges and assets of their neighborhood, community, or issue. Additionally they must persuade decision makers that the needs of their community merit funding or

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Good Data = Good Decision Making For Philanthropy

Good Data = Good Decision Making For Philanthropy shares case studies to show how Healthy City has strategically partnered with funders to transform their philanthropy. We also explore best practices we have developed in using multi-disciplinary expertise, tools, and methods to support philanthropic efforts in California.

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Community Research Lab Toolkits

Training resource to understand Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR), how to effecively implement community research to fit the needs of community based organizations (CBO) using this research, and a guide to applying Participatory Asset Mapping.

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