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Santa Rosa Community Safety Scorecard, August 2016

The Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership‘s mission is to reduce youth and gang violence by adopting a public health approach, which identifies strategies that will address the key determinants of the community’s overall health and safety. Our research team worked with the Partnership and the Urban Peace Institute to produce this Community Safety Scorecard, which

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Advancing California July 2016

Advancement Project’s quarterly e-newsletter. In this issue we share a reflection on this summer of violence, an announcement of our newest research report about California’s racial disparities in political participation, some good news for our youngest learners in the final California budget, and an update on leadership of our Educational Equity program. Enjoy!

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USC State of the Neighborhood Report

The major purpose of this report is to elucidate specific community conditions that shape life opportunities of residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Southern California’s (USC) University Park Campus (UPC) and Health Sciences Campus (HSC).

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Good Data = Good Decision Making For Philanthropy

Good Data = Good Decision Making For Philanthropy shares case studies to show how Healthy City has strategically partnered with funders to transform their philanthropy. We also explore best practices we have developed in using multi-disciplinary expertise, tools, and methods to support philanthropic efforts in California.

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Census 2010

our web-based tool to help community-based organizations ensure that “hard-to-count” communities participate in the Census

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