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Category: Urban Peace

Beyond Confrontation: Community-Centered Policing Tools

The Urban Peace program contributed to four policy briefs published by PolicyLink: Limiting Police Use of Force: Promising Community-Centered Strategies, Engaging Communities as Partners: Strategies for Problem Solving, Turning Back the Tide: Promising Efforts to Demilitarize Police Departments, and

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Building Healthy Communities: Community Safety

Through its Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative, The California Endowment has committed to a 10-year investment in 14 California communities around the state. These communities are working to create places where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. In the initial community-driven planning process, a large majority of the sites—70 percent—identified violence and a

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Advancing Safety: Watts in Action

A short, yet powerful video about the efforts of Advancement Project and its key partners to reduce violence and increase safety for residents in the community of Watts.

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A Call To Action: Los Angeles’ Quest To Achieve Community Safety

A new report looking at L.A.’s extraordinary experiment to keep kids safe in the worst gang zones. The report, assembled by our Urban Peace and Healthy City programs, highlights progress the City has made toward greater public safety, and how to build on those successes to achieve comprehensive community safety in places where children are

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