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Access to care

A Closer Look

At Access to Care – the Health Equity program presents curated, interactive Need Indexes, data, and maps that show how access to insurance coverage and primary care clinics impacts the ability of low-income communities of color in California to obtain health care.

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Thousands of new preschool seats open at LAUSD schools

by Deepa Fernandes on KPCC, August 23 2016 When the Los Angeles Unified School District opened its doors for the new school year last week, the number of 4-year-olds who began class in the district’s newest grade was more than double the number who enrolled last year. The district increased the number of expanded transitional

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Access to Health Care for All Californians

Access to health care services is vital for everyone to live healthy, productive lives. It provides the opportunity for people to receive health services when needed and take proactive, preventive steps in maintaining a good quality of life. Advancement Project California believes that access to health care is a basic human right, regardless of race,

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Health Equity

Health Equity Program photo

Our Health Equity Program brings about real change in the wellbeing of low-income people of color who suffer disproportionately from chronic health conditions, by ensuring their neighborhoods, schools, and health services support and enable healthy choices in California. Download a fact sheet here. Health Equity believes that equitable access to a healthy life is an

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