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Vision Zero Alliance: Policy Platform

On August 24, 2015, Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the Vision Zero initiative, a citywide program aimed at ending traffic-related deaths. Advancement Project California is an active member of the Vision Zero Alliance,  a citywide coalition of community-based and advocacy organizations working to support and influence the City’s Vision Zero efforts. The Alliance coordinates citywide communications strategy, conducts policy advocacy, and engages in grassroots organizing to galvanize support for neighborhood implementation of Vision Zero projects.

Two years after the launch of Vision Zero LA, the Alliance released a policy platform and guiding values to help the city eliminate traffic related deaths through a community-centered, equitable approach. Click the image below to view the policy platform:

The policy platform is being released at a particularly important time for Vision Zero. At least half of priority corridors part of the high-injury network (HIN) fall in low-income communities of color. Many of these areas are plagued with poorly designed streets and inadequately funded infrastructure – which is also compounded with over-policing in those same communities.

LADOT is quickly updating the speed surveys that will allow the Los Angeles Police Department to resume enforcing speed infractions in the city. LAPD has created a deployment plan for speed enforcement, but has thus far not made that plan public. The Vision Zero Alliance is concerned that traffic enforcement efforts under the Vision Zero banner could result in the continued over-policing of Black and Brown residents, as seen in Sacramento and Chicago Vision Zero enforcement strategies.

“It is problematic for the City’s Vision Zero initiative to subject residents to increased police presence without acknowledging the legacy of racist land use policies evidenced by inadequate and unsafe street infrastructure,” said Megan McClaire, Director of Health Equity at the Advancement Project California, and Anisha Hingorani, Program and Policy Manager at Multicultural Communities for Mobility, both Vision Zero Alliance member organizations. “We urge the City to prioritize investments in design over enforcement, and require that LAPD commit to a ‘no racial profiling pledge’ to explicitly address the historic practice of over-policing and disproportionate enforcement of communities of color.”

Advancement Project California extends gratitude to the Vision Zero Alliance partner organizations who have worked tirelessly to produce a vision for safe, equitable streets for every resident in Los Angeles.

For additional context on how over-policing has exacerbated racial inequities in other cities, read on:

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