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CA State Policy Advocacy

molly munger supports sbA long-standing focus of our Educational Equity program is early care and education (ECE) state policy. Advocacy encourages state legislators to prioritize investment in and support for children who need it the most.

We seek informed policy decisions and investments that integrate well into existing systems.

We prioritize alignment between early learning and K-12 systems and programs, working closely on policy solutions that support children’s educational continuum from before birth to college and beyond.

Importantly, our work empowers families by elevating community voices at the policy table.

We support Proposition 58: All kids benefit from multilingual educational programs

Research has shown that students who participate in multilingual programs attain high levels of academic achievement and are better prepared to compete in the global workforce. Proposition 58 repeals and amends provisions in Prop. 227 (1998), which bans multilingual education. We believe it’s time to remove barriers to learning for all students. Advancement Project formally endorses Prop 58. To read more about this proposition, read our statement here.


Vision for ECE Access, Affordability, and Quality in California

It is imperative that California increase access to high quality ECE services that are affordable for families and providers. The needs of infants, toddlers, and their families are a key focus, because the youngest children are where the greatest impact can be made and the largest needs exist.

In addition investment, supports, and policy change efforts must be balanced between access, affordability, and quality to ensure they are all being built simultaneously, due to the deeply interconnected and interdependent nature of these priorities.

Our ECE state policy goals are organized based on a framework of three interrelated priorities for children under five – Access, Quality, and Affordability.


Our vision for early learning access in California is that:

  • a space is available for all early learners,
  • in the high quality early learning setting of their caregiver’s choice,
  • in the area that the caregiver needs,
  • with the schedule that would best support the family,
  • at a price that the family can comfortably afford,
  • starting with the families that need it most.


Our vision for quality is that all early learners have access to the highest possible quality ECE experience.

For the child, quality early learning:

  • protects the health and safety of the child, and
  • provides developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive programs aligned with best practices in the child development and early learning fields.

For the family, quality early learning includes consistent engagement with the child’s family in order to:

  • support the child’s healthy development and educational trajectory,
  • support the family’s needs as they relate to ECE, and
  • empower families with the tools and information they need to be their child’s first teacher and advocate.

In addition, quality early learning programs consistently reflect on their practice, assessing quality and effectiveness, intentionally improving what needs to be improved, and consistently building upon what is working. These practices can fall, but do not have to, within participation in Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).


Our vision is that providers are reimbursed at a rate that allows them to serve all early learners, especially infants and toddlers, in a high quality manner, and have funding to increase the quality of their instruction, program, and services.

For more information, contact Karla Pleitez Howell at (213) 989-1300.

To learn more about our work in Sacramento, visit Government Relations page.