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L.A. County Research The Early Care and Education Landscape in Los Angeles County

Cover of research reportThere are nearly 650,000 children 0-5 in Los Angeles County according to the 2011 American Community Survey. The Zip Code of Los Angeles County’s youngest children from birth to 5 frequently predetermines their early education opportunities and lower income children often find themselves with few options available.

The early care and education (ECE) landscape in Los Angeles County is a vast system that has endured significant funding cuts since 2008 and throughout the Great Recession. When looking at the ECE landscape, the future of these at-risk children is at stake if there is not a systematic attempt to address gaps in access.

In 2013, First 5 LA asked Advancement Project to conduct primary and secondary research on three critical aspects of the ECE landscape in L.A. County – access, workforce, and quality.

The goal of the research initiative was two-fold:

  • To inform the ECE field (including funders, policymakers, researchers and providers), by providing a large scale compilation of information about the ECE landscape in L.A. County
  • To provide information to be utilized in the F5LA strategic planning and implementation processes


Research Reports

The research is presented on an interactive website at

DOWNLOAD Los Angeles County Early Care and Education Access Gap Maps: Legislative, Supervisorial, & LAUSD Districts (published March 11, 2016) This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.
This publication is a detailed compilation of ECE access gap maps for key Los Angeles County geographies: legislative districts, supervisorial districts, and LAUSD school board districts. These maps are broken out by age group in an effort to highlight the unique access needs of children 0-2 and 2-4 in Los Angeles County.

DOWNLOAD Access, Workforce, and Quality
This report describes the state of ECE in Los Angeles County around three major areas of inquiry – Access, Workforce, and Quality.

DOWNLOAD Past Roles and Strategies of First 5 LA and Other Funders
This report examines the past roles and strategies of First 5 LA, other First 5 county commissions, and other ECE funders to better understand the funding and investment strategy landscape that has shaped or could help influence L.A. County ECE work.

DOWNLOAD Opportunities and Considerations for Addressing ECE Gaps in L.A. County
The third and final report in this series is a culmination of the prior reports and discusses potential future roles and strategies for First 5 LA and other ECE Funders in Los Angeles County. It matches ECE gaps identified in report one, with possible opportunities, roles and strategies (some of which are drawn from report two).