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Equity is Justice Victory Story

On June 10, 2014 the Los Angeles Board of Education today passed the Equity is Justice Resolution, directing Superintendent John Deasy to develop an “equity-based” index that identifies the neediest schools to guide the state’s allocation of new supplemental funds.

Hundreds of students from South and East Los Angeles gathered in downtown, holding signs and chanting to encourage the L.A. Unified School District Board of Education to adopt their “Equity is Justice” Resolution, a historic policy that would send millions of dollars to the highest-need schools in the district.

We came to fight for better schools for our younger brothers and sisters, and the generations to come,” said Timothy Walker, a rising senior at Crenshaw High School. “I’ve had twelve friends drop out since ninth grade, but if our schools had more resources—like counselors and support programs—more students could graduate and go on to college.”

Jathan Melendez, a sophomore at Manual Arts High, told the school board: “It doesn’t matter that I’m a leader in my community, or that I do well in school. When I walk home, I have to choose my route carefully or I can be the target of gang violence. Last year, one of my schoolmates was killed four blocks from school.”

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