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Student Need Index An Equity Aggregate Student Need Index for LCFF in the Los Angeles Unified School District

schools by needAdvancement Project, in close collaboration with the Community Coalition and InnerCity Struggle, has produced a rigorous, research-based ranking of the highest need schools within LAUSD that best meet the criteria for additional funding under the new Local Control Funding Formula.

See a map of “Highest and High Need Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District”
See a map of “Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District by Need”

This Student Need Index not only measures how students are doing in the classroom, but also takes into account  the  neighborhood  conditions  that  can  negatively  impact  a  student’s  academic  success. The Student  Need  Index  measures  target  student  populations  specifically  highlighted  in  the  new  Local Control Funding Formula – foster youth, English Language Learners, and low-income students. At the same time, the Student Need Index measures neighborhood conditions, such as exposure to violence, access to other community resources like youth programming and early care and education, and health outcomes. Finally,  the  Need  Index  includes  many  of  the  more  traditional  measures  of  student achievement, such as 3rd  and 8th  grade test scores, number of suspension and expulsions, and dropout rates.

One example of what it means to attend one of the “Highest Need” schools…


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