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My First Teacher

my first teacherMy First Teacher is an exciting new program from Advancement Project which supports parents becoming their child’s most effective first teacher and advocate. The program centers on a culturally responsive, asset-based, popular education model. It is a 10-week leadership training that leverages and builds upon the birth-to-eight awareness and advocacy skills of parents in southeast Los Angeles. With the launch of this program, Advancement Project is supporting families to realize their respective individual and community strengths, increase their early learning education awareness, and develop tangible strategies, and come together to advance their children’s academic success.

Research by Weiss, Caspe, and Lopez (2006) has established that the achievement gap begins before preschool and that the home environment of a child from birth to age three is a major determinant in their academic success. The Harvard Family Research Project has demonstrated that early parent involvement in their children’s education has been proven to enhance school readiness which helps to reduce the achievement gap. Additionally, studies overwhelmingly show that the most critical years of learning occur before school enrollment, making it   imperative for parents to be actively involved in their children’s education before they enter school (Weiss et al., 2006). Our workshops offer customizable and interactive  trainings with professionals that will help parents learn how to be their child’s most effective first teacher.

The workshops include:

  • Personal Development—Identity, self awareness, leadership skills, and community building.
  • Advocacy—Political process knowledge, understanding systems, effective advocacy skills and storytelling.
  • Action—Gain tools and strategies for parents to become advocates within the school system.

Families will…

  • Learn about the benefits of early childhood education.
  • Gain hands-on experience on how to advocate for their child’s educational needs.
  • Build on parenting skills through interactive practice.
  • Be part of a learning community and gain a network.
  • Receive FREE tools and resources relevant to their needs.


#1—Build upon parent’s understanding regarding the importance of early learning in   their child’s educational attainment.

#2—For parents  to become empowered  to advocate for their child’s academic success.

#3—For parents to embrace their role as a community leader.


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