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Health Equity Ensures Health Equity for All

Our Health Equity Program brings about real change in the wellbeing of low-income people of color who suffer disproportionately from chronic health conditions, by ensuring their neighborhoods, schools, and health services support and enable healthy choices in California.

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Health Equity believes that equitable access to a healthy life is an achievable basic human right. Yet, a person’s race, ethnicity, ZIP Code, or economic status often has a negative effect on their health outcomes. In fact, even when people try to “follow the rules” for a healthy life, conditions in their neighborhood and a lack of health services make it nearly impossible to take care of themselves and their families.

Photo representing Health Equity program

What this means is that people’s lives are in jeopardy or significantly shortened; children don’t grow up in healthy environments; and families are frequently unable to make healthy decisions about food, exercise, or medical care. It also means that people battle stress and illness with little help or support.

Their shot at achieving the American Dream is denied because you can’t work when you’re sick; you can’t learn when you’re malnourished; and you can’t contribute to society when you are struggling to survive. The culture of simply hanging on that develops in low-income communities of color devastates the future for these families, for multiple generations.

Our Approach

Health Equity brings about real and immediate change in the health of low-income communities of color. In partnership with community allies we:

  1. Identify and Frame Community Needs: Utilizing state of the art data analysis and mapping, we define communities of highest need and give context about the scope of health inequity.
  2. Build Community Power: By listening to and partnering with communities most affected by health disparities, we provide tools, training, and techniques so that they successfully advocate for their own health.
  3. Advocate for Policy Solutions: Using sophisticated budget and legislative analysis, we determine allies and approaches most likely to shift public investments that will erase health disparities.


Health Equity believes that there are two areas ripe for change: “Access to Health Care for All Californians” and “Equitable Access to Public Transportation in L.A. County”.

For more information, please contact Director of Health Equity, Megan McClaire or (213) 406-9135.