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2020 Census Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Count for the 2020 Census

The federal government poses real threats to the 2020 Census and we need an accurate count to ensure fair public funding and political representation over the next ten years following the decennial census. We’re leading a statewide campaign to ensure California invests in census outreach. Advancement Project California is focused on ensuring that the state budget is appropriate and that there is capacity for outreach from municipal, county and local governments to helps us reach hard-to-count populations.

Why is this important? Accurate census data are key to the allocation of billions of dollars in federal funding, including an estimated $400 billion annually across 26 federal agencies for tribal, state, and local government programs and services. California receives over $73 billion annually in federal funds for schools, crime prevention, health care, and transportation. Additionally, census data are used to reapportion congressional seats and draw representative boundaries for political districts at all levels. An undercount in the census means that many California communities could lose federal and state funding, as well as be denied an equal voice in their government. With the census being only three years away, it is key that elected officials at all levels of government and across party lines lay the groundwork now. Too much is at stake.

We’re proud to be in this fight with other organizations across California and the U.S. to make sure that the 2020 Census is funded adequately and led by a qualified, widely-respected professional.

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