Advancement Project California The Best Resistance is Our Collective Success

Khydeeja Alam Javid

Director of Governmental Relations

Khydeeja Alam Javid leads the Governmental Relations work for the Advancement Project.   Spearheading the Sacramento office, Khydeeja works on state legislation and budget; she is in constant contact with the state legislature, state agencies and the Governor’s office.  Khydeeja has helped with winning back over $500 million for early care and education programs for our state’s most vulnerable children.  Most recently, Khydeeja lead the effort to ensure that all eligible children have an equal opportunity to access high quality preschool programs regardless of where they live.  In the past, Khydeeja has helped lead efforts on other major transforming laws, including the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Transitional Kindergarten, the California Dream Act; among many others. Khydeeja is involved in local politics and various youth empowerment programs.  Most recently, she served as an elected District Delegate for Assembly District 13 for the California Democratic Party.  Khydeeja is a founding board member of Muslim Americans in Public Service (MAPS), a non-profit organization that promotes involvement in public policy and serves as a professional development and support network for youth.  Prior to joining Advancement Project, Khydeeja worked for the California State Legislature. She attended the University of California, Berkeley.  During her time at Cal, Khydeeja was a scholar intern at the University of California Center in Sacramento (UCCS) and worked at a lobbying firm dedicated to K-12 education policy.  Khydeeja is married to Rihan Javid and they both have an adorable son name Ayaan Isa.  The family loves to explore the world, thus spend most of their spare time traveling the globe.