Advancement Project California The Best Resistance is Our Collective Success

Alejandra Ramirez-Zarate

Policy and Research Analyst

Alejandra Ramirez-Zarate is a Policy and Research Analyst for Political Voice at Advancement Project California.  Through policy advocacy, actionable research, and facilitating databased collaborative action, Alejandra advocates for public policies and administrative practices that expand opportunities for political participation and enhance government responsiveness, particularly in low-income communities of color. Alejandra works with community-based organizations, civil rights organizations, and government offices across the state to eliminate racial and economic disparities in public political participation. As an advocate for immigrants’ rights and racial justice, throughout the last decade Alejandra has participated in multiple platforms to help support DREAMERS as a mentor/tutor, as well as initiatives to help increase community awareness of immigrant rights’ issues and the need for immigration reform. Born in Guatemala, Alejandra attended local schools in the San Fernando Valley and received her B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis in Law & Society at California State University, Northridge. Alejandra enjoys traveling the world with her husband and children.