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Advancement Project California’s Response to GOP Affordable Care Act (ACA) Replacement Plan

February 28, 2017                                                                

Katie Smith, Communications Director, 213-406-9158


Advancement Project California’s Response to GOP Affordable Care Act (ACA) Replacement Plan

This is a blatant giveaway that fractures the bedrock of economic security that health care provides for low-income individuals and people of color.

Los Angeles – The GOP’s latest healthcare proposal to replace the ACA is essentially a dramatic tax cut for the wealthiest among us, at the expense of California’s most economically strained and vulnerable – particularly people of color. The suggested repeal of the high-income Medicare tax alone would hand out $2.6 billion in tax cuts per year for the nation’s 400 highest income taxpayers – almost $7 million each – while stripping vital health benefits from the rest of us.

This is not a health plan. This is a costly, ideologically-driven overhaul of the ACA that makes plain the House leadership’s broader scheme to slowly starve Medicaid, a durable program with a longstanding history of success. We oppose a plan that is funded by undercutting many working families’ hard-earned benefits, such as the top-tier employer-based coverage tax proposed.

Also on the chopping block – to be summarily terminated – is the innovative Prevention and Public Health Fund, which the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control rely on for 12% of its budget. Advancement Project California joins over 333 national and local organizations to request that should ACA is repealed, there be additional allocations made to Labor-Health and Human Services-Education appropriation bills to prevent deep funding cuts to critical public health programs.

“The draft health care proposal to replace ACA eliminates the existing requirement that all insurance coverage include essential benefits. It increases consumers’ out-of-pocket expenses while undermining public health. We urge the new administration and House leadership to embrace health care as the human right which empowers the entire nation to flourish, ” states Megan McClaire, Director of Health Equity with Advancement Project California.

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