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Californians Like You Choose #LoveOverFear

We will stand with you to defend our shared values.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a whole new America. On Wednesday morning, American Muslims may have questioned whether it was safe to wear their hijabs. On Wednesday morning, immigrant mothers started making arrangements for who might care for their children if they were suddenly deported. On Wednesday morning, many of us began scanning rooms for small signals of who we might rely on if the situation got dangerous.

Moments like these echo dark times in our past and pull the scab off old wounds. For me, it has been an article of faith that the long arc of history is bending towards justice. But this week has shaken that faith and it’s been a difficult process to regain my footing.

Where have I found solace, where do I see that so necessary glimmer of hope? It’s California, where we chose #LoveOverFear on Nov. 8th.

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California had its own dark time, when hate and fear ruled. In the 1990’s Republican Governor Pete Wilson was no joy-ride for people of color. From the unconstitutional immigration ballot initiative Prop 187 to the “Three Strikes” sentencing law, progressive Californians know what it is like to fight a repressive agenda. And while it’s painful to remember those times, it’s important to understand that we came out of it stronger than ever.

Last week, California showed the country how to move forward into a progressive future. We elected the first Black/South Asian female senator. We voted to fund school facilities and classrooms. We voted to fund our hospitals. We voted to get smarter about our criminal justice system. And we voted to honor and teach our kids the languages that make the collective voice of California so beautiful. And in Los Angeles, voters overwhelmingly supported a measure to take care of the neediest among us with a $1.2 billion investment to address the homelessness crisis.

By supporting Advancement Project California, you will leverage those progressive wins, because our job is to make sure they are enacted fairly and equitably. Donate now.

We challenge all Californians to unite and join us to:

PROTECT our people by reaching out to those in the front lines who are being impacted by racism, sexism, and xenophobia. More specifically, we will be focusing on supporting and protecting American Muslims, immigrants, and women.

DEFEND the gains by pushing hard where we can, when we can, on any federal legislation being considered by Trump’s administration that negatively affects low-income communities of color in California – from health care to immigration to tax/spending policy changes, and more.

ASSERT a progressive agenda that pushes for more equity and excellence in our schools, more safety for all Californians, more access to health care, and more influence in the halls of power.

EXPAND the movement by growing the circle of who we engage, and consider new ways of how we engage. As we have come together in the past, we will unite to build more bridges across sectors and movements and across communities and peoples.

Your contribution today fuels our efforts to Protect, Defend, Assert, and Expand. Be an equity hero!

This fight will be tough, and there is much to reconsider and reassess. Right up front, we need to effectively push back against the politics of division and hate with a strong showing of love and solidarity. We must reach out and support our American Muslim, immigrant, and Black brothers and sisters. Wherever we can; however we can.

This moment calls on all of us to keep building for the future, and to keep building our united front for racial and economic justice. Sure we’ve been knocked down – we’ve been knocked down before. And if history is any indication, it’s in the getting back up where real progress is made. Let’s unite and ensure our inclusive, beautiful voices are heard.

Be part of the united front – donate today.

Thanks for all that you do each and every day,

John Kim,
Executive Director, Advancement Project California

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