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White House Budget Proposal Is Inhumane

March 16, 2017

Katie Smith, Communications Director, (213)406-9158

White House Budget Proposal Is Inhumane
The Trump Administration’s divestment agenda would hurt the most vulnerable low-income people of color in California.

LOS ANGELES — The White House budget proposal sums up the first eight weeks of the Trump Administration’s harmful policies. The implementation of these horrific ideas could leave more Californians unhealthy and uneducated. This inhumane budget, and the policy agenda it represents, must be stopped. Advancement Project California will continue to shed light on the Administration’s agenda and fight against any bad policy that will hurt the most vulnerable people in the state of California – low-income people of color.

Michael Russo, Associate Director of Equity in Public Funds at Advancement Project California, comments.

“This budget could throw cities and counties across the state into immediate budget crunches. Just one of the proposed cuts – zeroing out the 40-year old Community Development Block Grant program – would deprive the City of Los Angeles of a $50 million revenue stream it has been using to create much-needed affordable housing and to provide services to our neediest residents, including veterans and victims of domestic violence.”

California’s low-income communities of color would be especially targeted by this budget proposal which threatens advocates’ hard-won gains that have begun putting us on the path to equity.

Russo continues, “Our state’s representatives in Congress should send this unbelievably irresponsible and cruel proposal straight into the shredder.”

Michael Russo is available for further comment.

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